Containers or Content 2011

Use this link to get a copy of the paper I prepared for the CBCC, Tasmanian Branch, State Conference May 2011.  It includes links to products and papers of interest.


Canberra in Autumn

Well … where did I go with this month’s topic????  Well, to alert all to the little known fact that Canberra and Launceston have very, very, similar cold, autumn mornings.  In fact “smugville” is the description when a quick check on the endless weather forecasts on the television news in the morning shows Canberra was indeed colder than here in Tassie.

So UGH!! how to put this into words/pictures.  Well, what you are looking at is a stylised version of central Canberra, with those darn circular roads that tourists get lost on, with lots of autumn leaves.  Sort of not what was originally planned with maps, and very careful drawings, but SIGH!!! once again time did me in.

Bye the way the leaves on the right … the legend … with ants “crawling” on the leaves will explain just a bit more.

Canberra in Autumn

Beach Baths

I started this … and then thought … you’re way off here.  Should I call it Beach [in] Bath??? Well who knows, in the end it was too late to do anything else.  If I think of a beach it is nearly always a tropical one.  If I think of a bath … which I don’t have  (only a shower)… I go back in time.  Not sure what all of that means … except …

Beach Baths

Here is my response to the first topic for 2011 … Redux.   Well it is not quite my first response, Mr Sketchy, has put up some of my work previously, but now I am flying solo, which also absolves him of any responsibility for what may follow.

What is it? Well to make it sound like I have given it more time than I have “The Power of the Printed Word”  Here rewired, recut, and represented in a new “redux-type” of way.

Power of the Printed World

The final lap

Well we are back.  The start of the trip, way back in mid-June, seems like a lifetime ago.  We spent the last week at Dubbo … always good and revisiting Bendigo, an interesting exercise, as we could have moved there instead of Launceston.  We enjoy it enough to wonder if we made the right choice!!!  Then off to Castlemaine, the stamping-ground for long ago holidays for Mr Mac.  So we found where he got burned-to-a-crisp in the local swimming pool,  the flea-pit where he walked to watch his fix of the latest movie releases and we also found the home where the famous Auntie Dasie sponge was first cooked.  Years later I am still trying to make them as good as people remember them from their childhood holidays!!!  Impossible I think.  Finished-up at must visit spots in Melbourne like the Vic Market and the National Gallery of Victoria.  BUT, we are pleased to be back, which is what holidays should be about.

Time stood still

A slow drift south

Of course we had to turn south eventually!!!  So easy does it.  We are revisiting places on the coast we have enjoyed before.  We are eking out the warmth, the sand and the blue sea for just a bit longer.

After weeks of driving, it was just nice to sit and not have to go further than the local shops.  Weather wasn’t terrific towards the end of the week, but it hardly mattered.  Well, we spent the week in shorts, so it was better than back home.  Now sitting at Bowen bringing this up to date.  It is a glorious day, sunshine, mid-20s and just so enjoyable.

This picture was taken at Lugger Bay.  It is about a 25 minute walk in through rain forest which runs right-down to the sea.  We are collecting a gallery of photos taken every time we go in and sit in virtual isolation while we have our lunch.